Rendered Obsolete

by King of Tangents

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An EP of original songs in a variety of styles and genres, spanning 2006 to 2013.


released July 1, 2013

All guitar, bass, vocals, synth, percussion and programming by King of Tangents except where otherwise noted

Drums on "I Can Wait Forever" by Jer Turowetz

All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by King of Tangents except "Dirt Under The Bare Clause" by King of Tangents and Julian Gacek




King of Tangents Montréal, Québec

Canada born songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I can't decide on a single genre, so I suppose I might as well just play them all.

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Track Name: Dirt Under The Bare Clause
Born of empires or of malice
Their guilt is oft disguised under avarice
They think that they can chain me with indifference
I’d rather let them drain me with their interest

Live and learn

Knee deep in gut reactions, I think I need a rest
While some even say the job’s the simplest
We raise the bar degrees, or equivalents
All that we ask is your reverence

The hourglass has emptied, it’s getting tedious
I pour my heart and soul, but something is amiss
Justice has escaped, there’s only remnants
Extinguishing my embers for being frivolous
Track Name: Second Guess
Was I wrong?

I sure have taken a long long time
to get here, I'd beg for forgiveness
I should trust my instinct, but I don't know

Why am I part of the machine
I'm just not connected to the Earth
Would I make the same mistakes if immortal

Should have said something else
If only I hadn't missed that appointment
If only I'd talked to that girl
I should eat healthier, travel more, confess love, play more guitar
Track Name: Fruits of Labour