by King of Tangents

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A wide ranged assortment of covers by some of my favorite bands and artists.

This album is constantly updated, with the newest tracks at the bottom. Keep checking back!


released December 12, 2011

All guitar, bass, vocals, synth, percussion, drums, programming, engineering and artwork by King of Tangents except where otherwise noted.

Extra vocals on Hallelujah by Rob Hutcheson, Kosta Stamatelos, Joe Allen, Roni Sherman and Alex Robshaw. Flute by Erin Fong.

Artwork by Daniel Abrams, Kosta Stamatelos and King of Tangents



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


King of Tangents Montréal, Québec

Canada born songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I can't decide on a single genre, so I suppose I might as well just play them all.

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Track Name: I Robot outro (Coheed and Cambria)
Those days we lost our dignity
The eagle dared to stand
The ride home through victory
On the innocent they tread

But I robot will never die
Track Name: A Pleasant Shade of Gray (Fates Warning)
Drifting in and out, his mind never rests
Lying in shadows replaying a thousand regrets

So where do we begin and what else can we say
When the lines are all drawn, what should we do today?
Track Name: Tired of Saving Souls (Neverending White Lights)
Pushed you out of the way
Second class, no delay
Hey they've seen your life and heard your voice
They've seen your wasted days

They came to say
From far away

Living life like it's a bore
Second class and on the floor

And hey is that why
All these years you've tried
So hard not to understand what

They, they came to say
So lie awake
They came to say
And steal the day
They came to say...

Saving souls is fine I'm sure, but I want more

I came to say
In such a way
I've gone astray
And I want more... for life's grace
Don't you?
Track Name: Summer Solstice (Kaddisfly)
I am the blade of grass trembling in the breeze affected by surroundings

I am the lava whose path nothing can stop changing the land
For better of for worse

I am the forest, the one being cut down to size
Only the owls know the secrets that I keep

I am the sail, the one standing in awe of the wind
Amazed by the great lengths it carries me
Track Name: Energy is Never Lost, Just Redirected (Arcane Roots)
Forlorn your heart
This scratch will leave a mark
You’ll fall, you’ll sob
But you’ll walk, you’ll walk
And now you’ll understand
That love lost never went
And your god is not enough